Vessel Head

At MIPCO, we specialize in the fabrication of conventional tank heads, from carbon, alloy, and low alloy steels, stainless clad, and SA516 grade 70 carbon steel. Our products are primarily intended for use as pressure vessels, tanks, and boilers, and manufactured to all applicable CSA, ASME, TSSA, and Mil-Spec standards.

Tank heads can be fabricated in configurations such as, dished or flanged only, standard flanged and dished, ASME flanged and dished, or ASME 2:1 semi elliptical. We possess the welding capabilities to accommodate almost any design or applicable standard, our certified welders and advanced welding equipment are prepared to provide stick-electrode, semi-automatic, gas shielded, and submerged arc welding. Manufacturing tank heads from 6-5/8" up to 220" in diameter, in thicknesses from 3/16" to 1-1/4", with various prepped edges, such as trimmed, untrimmed, beveled, or tapered. We also offer stress relieving and blasting services including post weld heat treating, normalizing, and annealing. A wide array of specialized testing is also available, with full test data reporting.

                 FORGE VESSEL HEAD

  • Hemispherical forge heads
  • Trunnions & covers for nuclear plant
  • Forging seamless dish head

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